James told the group that it was a design process.  It used principles of working with natural states that exist in nature to design and manage the spaces such as gardens, horticultural smallholdings, right up to managed Woodland.

20150829_110830James and his partner run Tap O Noth permaculture near Rhynie.  At 260 metres up into the hills, this is no mean feat. But this is no ordinary farming and some very clever design has gone into making a small holding work, feeding their family and developing a business.

” This was an inspiration” said Liz Allan, chair of the community garden project at Methlick.

“There is a lot we could learn about what would make our project more environmentally sustainable” said Liz

Permaculture can be labour intensive to start with but by design it makes it easier in the longer run to manage land.

Members of the community garden project are hoping to run a permaculture day run by James Reid, to be a practical session for understanding, designing, constructing and planting a section of the community site as a demonstration to make use of the garden’s woodland edge.

Local Methlick and Mid Formartine Councillor Paul Johnston, who is a strong supporter of community garden projects said: ” James is a brilliant ambassador for permaculture.  We spoke about what was practical and all of it appeared just simple common sense when explained in clear and straightforward terms.”

“There were some lights coming on, as people sat around the table and realising this was something that had potential” said Paul.  “I think there will be visits to Tap o Noth as well as looking forward to a session at Methlick”

Methlick community garden project are asking anyone interested in learning and helping at a permaculture day to get in touch with Liz at peeriebuttons23@yahoo.com

More information about permaculture can be found by going to the Tap o Noth permaculture website at http://pri-tap.com/about/

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